G Canceler System

Hi Im Eddie, for over 14 years I been working on a system that cancels g forces on aircraft and future spaceships in order to go faster in any flying ship. I stumble upon many obstacles in developing the G Canceler System in my home garage. I restarted this project time after time but with no avail. I reached no break through in my personal invention for spaceships and space technology. So I decided to start a company with a name. To establish a presence of work and show case my development to the world and those interested in space technology. I do plan to take my company further but I have no funds, no employees and NO PRODUCT for my company to take off instead I will have a website up with the name of a future company that may or may not take off into the world. Developing the G Canceler System is hard, things get harder when error and blank spaces happen. Anyways my ambition to built the G Canceler System is a must, I will continue my research and development as usual. I will keep things awesome in my blogs and company blog. I do plan to take Tiiver further this time, a couple of years ago when Tiiver was focused on something else I did not bother to establish a presence. This time its different Im getting old. I must do something to Tiiver in order for it to take off in a few years with space technology and spaceships.

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